A climate strategy that resonates

Why you should have a clear climate commitment

Because it enables you to steer and communicate on the progress you make. It shows dedication to clients and enables you to involve suppliers. It will help you and your team to make focussed decisions on your reduction strategy.

Establishing your climate commitment should be done with care to prevent (having to communicate) missed goals. There are many ways to commit: “NetZero” or “Climate Positive” are examples. It is important to know the difference. The Science Based Targets (SBTi) are an initiative to create coherence and reliability in target setting.

Climate goal that makes a difference

Book a 1,5-hour explanatory meeting and fill in the self-assessment template to set your companies target in line with SBTI or the United Nation’s Race to Zero. Together with your CO2 footprint, you are ready to communicate and start taking real climate action.

We work with a clear approach to set your climate goal. We know what is needed to be in line with the SBTI or whether it is better to go for climate neutral. If you combine you new ambition with your CO2 footprint, you have an excellent basis to commit to, take action and start communicating about your climate strategy.

What to expect

During the meeting we will guide you through the following steps. This will help you formulate a solid and honest climate goal.

Stakeholder analysis and benchmark

Know what your stakeholders value and how the industry performs. Know what is needed to become a climate leader.

Types of targets (SBTI, NetZero, Climate neutral)

Understand what the different options are in target setting and get insight in what suits you and your company best. 

Feasability assessment

Setting ambitious emissions reduction targets needs to be backed by a robust assessment of feasibility. 

Set a target and commit

Turn the analysis into an effective climate target and strategy, providing you with clarity for the road ahead.

All our climate strategy services

We can help you develop a climate strategy in different ways. Either you conduct the research yourself based on our explanatory free meeting, we can review the strategy to increase the feasibility, or we can provide full support and execute the entire process.