Know your climate impact

Why it starts with a footprint

A Carbon Footprint is the calculation of an organization’s total emission of greenhouse gases. Your footprint will be the baseline against which you track your future climate progress. Next to that, you will get insight in the climate impact areas of your business or product.

Your carbon footprint should be compliant with an internationally recognized standard, such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This ensures that all companies report in a standardized manner and the footprint meets internationally agreed requirements.

Man kijkt naar een dashboard

Carbon footprint calculator
for free

Book a 1-hour session and receive our the free carbon footprint calculator to get insight in your companies footprint. During the meeting we explain every step of the process and help you get a reliable baseline.

What to expect

You will have a session with Jessie Heemskerk and she will be happy to guide you through the following elements of GHG-reporting.

Insight in the CO2 impact (Scope 1&2)

Direct emissions are the natural gas, coals or electricity you buy. After the footprint you will know which categories have the largest CO2 impact and where changes are possible. 

Know the value of a CO2 footprint

Measuring is one. But what do you do with the insight in your carbon emissions. Communication and  improvement is one. But there are many risks involved and greenwashing should be prevented. I help you understand the value, opportunities and risks of  your footprint. 

Foto van jessie, de trainer